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Open source is the foundation for the applications you build. If you don’t have an effective way to track and manage it, you’re exposing yourself to the security, license compliance, and code quality risks that come with the use of open source.

Black Duck by Synopsys solutions give you the visibility and control you need to maximize the benefits of open source while minimizing the risks. 

Do you know what’s in your code?

Black Duck On-Demand audits reveal that most organizations track less than half the open source they use. Open source enters your code through many channels, making it nearly impossible for development teams to track effectively.


Do you know what’s in your code? | Synopsys

One out of every 16 open source download requests is for a component with a known vulnerability. To reduce these risks, security pros are turning to SCA tools."

The Forrester Wave™: Software Composition Analysis


Amy DeMartine

Open source vulnerabilities | Synopsys

Open source vulnerabilities: A rich target for hackers

Because open source is so widely used, it’s a prime target for hackers. As Heartbleed and the Equifax breach show, a single open source vulnerability can give hackers the keys to thousands of applications.

To win the race against open source hackers and protect your sensitive data and customer trust, you need to know what’s in your code before they do.

Open source license compliance: Don’t put your IP at risk

Synopsys tracks over 2,750 open source licenses, and while many are permissive, others, like the GNU General Public License (GPL), are reciprocal, imposing restrictions on the use or transfer of license terms for the software your team writes. Tracking and managing open source with Black Duck helps you avoid license violations that can result in costly litigation or compromise your valuable intellectual property.

See how OpenText is integrating Black Duck by Synopsys into their systems to maintain license compliance

Solutions to help you manage open source throughout the SDLC

Synopsys is the industry leader in open source risk management, with solutions that help you at every stage of development and operations.

Learn more about open source risk management

Synopsys Software Integrity Customer Stories | PointClickCare


Find out how PointClickCare uses Black Duck On-Demand by Synopsys to make sure their patient data stays secure.


Are your applications vulnerable to Spring4Shell?

See how Synopsys helps to detect if your applications are vulnerable to Spring4Shell. Watch the video.