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The latest release includes improvements to Advanced Analysis and several design features.

Advanced Analysis Improvements

  • Expanded, customizable Measurement Data Grid
  • Dozens of new measurement capabilities based on regulation and custom requirements (LIDMeasurements)
  • Import for LucidShape test tables (.lug)
  • Import/Export for regulation test tables in xlsx format
  • You can now add color analysis to existing and new measurements, including many regulation standard measurements. These measurements are integrated with the measurement data grid, allowing for the validation of regulations for intensity and color in one table. The color analysis supports several color spaces as well as engineering staples such as the Planckian Locus, Helmholtz coordinates, and MacAdam ellipses.
  • You can have multiple UV Data Views open in different tabs and configure the tab placements, enabling side by side comparison.
  • When you have special views such as a Driver's View or a set of UV Data Files, you can identify a point in one set of data and see where it maps to in other related data sets. For example, if there is a trouble spot in a combined UV Data File, you can see where that area is in each of the source UV Data Files.
  • Advanced Analysis now supports IES, LT Mesh, and Ford Photometric UV Data Files.
  • You have more options for line measurements as you can control whether the slice plots are presented by the cord length or projected along an axis. You can also overlay slice plots to compare them more easily.

Design Feature Improvements

  • Ability to define global shift, scaling, and stretch to all spreads in a MacroFocal design.
  • Ability to define a set of spreads and save them to apply them to facets using a Spread Table.
  • A new ""Simple Spread"" algorithm for use in designs with hundreds or thousands of facets.
  • A spread adjustment tool you can use to easily tweak settings with a few clicks instead of entering different sets of numbers.
  • When designing lenses, you can include the base surface during the calculation but optionally exclude the base surface from the resulting actor.
  • Automatic Simulation feature that automatically triggers a re-simulation (and optionally test table evaluation) in response to a design feature modification.

Volume Sensor Enhancements and Light Cone Feature

  • Created new far Candela sensor type for Volume sensor
  • Specify iso cd value and create light cone as mesh surface
  • Light Cone Feature is a great tool for communicating the required optical packaging space to the rest of the development team

Import Custom Refractive BSDF Data with Microfacet Utility

  • Developed the Microfacet Utility to assist you in creating a refractive Microfacet BSDF material for the typical types of sample geometry measured in the rough-first orientation.
  • Takes the measured scattered light distribution and creates an OPRX file.
  • This tools has been developed to greatly simplify the creation of custom refractive BSDF datasets

Other Improvements

  • Expanded Multi-Layer Display enabling you to directly explore the sum of multiple UV Data layers
  • Enhanced Ray File Merging feature to allow the merging of many Ray Files directly
  • Custom Flux for Ray File Source

SmartStart Material Library Module

  • Save time with the new SmartStart Material Library Module, which provides access to a library of materials and media commonly used in the design of automotive lighting systems
  • Import measured or simulated surface scatter data into a microfacet material model (reflective or refractive) and apply it to arbitrary surfaces for use in a simulation
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Synopsys TIS Pro is an optical scattering instrument for efficient measurements of reflectance, transmittance and absorption. This fully automated device features an integrated sphere and a spectral detector assembled in a housing that controls stray light to ensure fast, accurate measurement results.

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