Application Security Testing

Easy and smart solutions to test your applications at every depth.

Application Security Testing (AST) is a critical component of application security and the cornerstone of any software security initiative. Synopsys offers the most comprehensive collection of industry-leading tools and solutions to ensure every customer receives the most accurate security assessment possible—highlighting critical risks and minimizing false positives.

Industry-leading tools and services for every stage of your SDLC

Our end-to-end solution gives companies everything they need to ensure quality and security at every step of the development, testing, and procurement life cycle.

You're done testing. Now what? 

We’ll never leave you with a laundry list of bugs and no idea what to do about them. Through our Software Security Managed Services, Synopsys provides top security experts that will analyze your results, reduces any false positives, and provide remediation guidance tailored to your specific needs.


Dynamic testing: Why tools are not enough

Learn why dynamic tools alone are not enough to keep your application secure.

Free up your precious resources by using ours.

Our experts apply an essential human element to ensure the highest level of fidelity and provide remediation guidance to your team.

We forge a path that’s easy (and affordable) to follow

We forge a path that’s easy (and affordable) to follow

Synopsys has a variety of assessment options and pricing models that simplifies procurement and creates a flexible testing model that aligns with your organization’s testing requirements and budgets. More importantly, our versatile and comprehensive offerings provide immediate adaptability if your application portfolio grows exponentially or your testing requirements change.