Synopsys Inline Memory Encryption (IME) Security Module

As our connected world expands, the technological advances in high-performance computing (HPC) are reshaping system-on-chip (SoC) designs to address the need for more acceleration, more storage capacity, new compute architectures, and increased bandwidths for faster data movement. High bandwidth interfaces such as DDR are proliferating, and their speeds continue to grow from generation to generation.

At the same time, the security of data and systems is paramount, driven by multiple factors, including significant growth in confidential and sensitive information, laws, regulations, and standards evolution.

Synopsys IME Security Module provides confidentiality of data in use or stored in off-chip memory over memory interfaces. It integrates seamlessly with Synopsys DDR and LPDDR controllers for most optimal solutions in the industry with latency as low as 2 cycles, accelerating SoC integration and reducing risk.

The IME Security Module is scalable to match various memory interfaces bandwidths, supports both write and read channels based on the AES-XTS cryptographic algorithm and is FIPS 140-3 certification ready.


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  • Data confidentiality with independent cryptographic support for read & write channels
  • Encryption/decryption based on AES-XTS NIST SP800-38E cryptographic standard
  • Support for 128-bit and 256-bit keys
  • Per region encryption/decryption
  • Solution standalone or integrated with memory interface controllers
  • Ultra low latency: IME latency overhead as low as 2 cycles when integrated with Synopsys DDR controllers
  • Efficient key control & refresh
  • Key readback protection & zeroization
  • Bypass mode
  • FIPS 140-3 certification support
Inline Memory Encryption (IME) Security Module - for DDR/LPDDRSTARs Subscribe

Description: Inline Memory Encryption (IME) Security Module - for DDR/LPDDR
Name: dwc_ime_security_module
Version: 1.01a-lca01
ECCN: 5D002.b2/ENC
Product Type: DesignWare Cores
Documentation: Contact Us for More Information
Download: dw_iip_DWC_ime
Product Code: H599-0