Synopsys MACsec Security Modules for Ethernet

Data security between Ethernet connected devices is expanding due to multiple factors: exponential growth of data containing sensitive and private information, new laws and regulations, and also technology advances in markets such as cloud computing, mobile/5G and automotive, to support faster, more scalable and ultimately more efficient networking architectures.

Media Access Control Security (MACsec) is the foundational Ethernet (Layer2) security protocol to protect network communication against DoS attacks, eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks by enabling a bi-directional secure link.

Synopsys’ MACsec Security Modules provide confidentiality, integrity, origin authentication and replay protection based on scalable AES-GCM cryptography enabling end-to-end security for Ethernet traffic. Synopsys MACsec Security Modules are complete inline full-duplex solutions that seamlessly integrate with the Synopsys Ethernet MAC & PCS IP, supporting scalable data rates with low latency.

By adding Synopsys MACsec Security Modules to Synopsys Ethernet IP Solutions, designers of networking SoCs can protect networking traffic, enabling end-to-end security of data in motion between Ethernet-connected devices.

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Synopsys MACsec Security Modules for Ethernet Datasheet


  • Standards compliant (IEEE 802.1AE)
  • Solution standalone or integrated with Ethernet interface controllers
  • Per frame security processing including encapsulation/decapsulation and frame validation
  • Scalable throughput to 100+ Gbps based on pipelined AES-GCM cryptography with optimized latency
  • Jumbo frames support
  • SecTag insertion & removal
  • Configurable number of Secure Channels and Associations
  • Programmable confidentiality offset
  • VLAN tag in the clear support