MetaOptic Designer Product Overview

Metalenses have the potential to revolutionize optical products by replacing bulky curved lenses with thin, flat surfaces. Metalenses are a key enabling technology for the next generation of compact imaging, sensing and display applications.

Synopsys is supporting this new world of innovation with MetaOptic Designer, an unprecedented inverse design tool that takes user-specified criteria and generates metalenses/metasurfaces for optimal design performance.

Metalens design traditionally requires extensive physics knowledge and many hours of development. MetaOptic Designer removes these barriers with exclusive AI that automatically yields the best metalens designs as fast as possible.

Optimized metalens layout from MetaOptic Designer | Synopsys

Optimized metalens layout from MetaOptic Designer


  • Built-in engineering intelligence allows designers at all levels of expertise to create novel metalens designs quickly and easily
  • Efficient optimization and simulation algorithms generate accurate results, validated by a rigorous finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method
  • Powerful and user-friendly features significantly reduce design-to-validation cycles


  • Automatically generates metalens/metasurface layouts, RSoft CAD files for simulation, and GDS files for fabrication
  • Provides unique optimization algorithms to meet user-specified targets
  • Requires minimal user inputs, such as basic lens system configurations, incident conditions, target patterns, and meta-atom library settings
  • Is a standalone tool with its own graphical user interface
  • Advanced and robust simulation algorithm supports full-vector field solutions in structures 



MetaOptic Designer generates optimized results and metalens layouts,
RSoft CAD files for simulation and GDS files for fabrication

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