Astera Labs, a Silicon Valley-based company, develops cutting-edge data and memory connectivity solutions that eliminate performance bottlenecks in data centers. Their silicon, software, and system-level connectivity solutions are pivotal in advancing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in the cloud. As the first private semiconductor company to utilize 100% cloud-based development, Astera Labs has been at the forefront of leveraging cloud technology for designing its entire EDA and silicon solutions.

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Astera Labs faced several key challenges:

  • Data Connectivity: Astera Labs realized early on that data connectivity was not keeping up with the advances in AI and machine learning applications.
  • Aggressive Tapeout Schedules: Needed to address bandwidth, capacity, and performance bottlenecks through the data center to meet fast and efficient cloud and HPC deployments.
  • Resource Limitations: Faced challenges in scaling design efforts and accessing the necessary compute and EDA resources.


Synopsys Cloud provided a comprehensive solution for Astera Labs:

  • FlexEDA Pay-Per-Use Model: Enabled Astera Labs to dynamically scale with infinite computing power and a flexible EDA tool licensing model on the AWS cloud.
  • BYOC Deployment: Leveraged the Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) offering to utilize AWS HPC compute resources, allowing Astera Labs to scale their compute footprint by more than a factor of ten.
  • On-Demand Licensing: Synopsys Cloud's on-demand license features provided additional accessibility to the latest tools and compute resources without design interruption.
  • Parallel Processing: Allowed running 1000s of regressions at multiple speeds in parallel for more design iterations and faster refinement.


The implementation of Synopsys Cloud brought significant benefits to Astera Labs:

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: Achieved up to 40% time savings from RTL to tapeout by efficient use of compute, storage, EDA, and cloud instances.
  • High-Quality Tapeouts: Enabled Astera Labs to achieve higher quality tapeouts by allowing more design iterations and faster refinement.
  • Dynamic Scaling: The combination of Synopsys EDA products and AWS HPC compute resources enabled Astera Labs to scale quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced Design Time: Reduced time-to-tapeout by over 30%, addressing resource and compute needs.

By leveraging Synopsys Cloud solutions, Astera Labs successfully accelerated its development processes, improved product quality, and maintained its competitive position in the high-performance computing systems market.