What is BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud)?

Synopsys Editorial Staff

Dec 13, 2022 / 4 min read

Synopsys Cloud

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A Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) service provides customers the flexibility to use their preferred cloud for storage, computing, and software needs. This is achieved by subscribing to public or private cloud service providers. Such cloud services are integral for organizations to efficiently manage their businesses and operations.

Synopsys Cloud supports a Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment, which means customers can bring in the cloud vendor of their choice to run Synopsys EDA tools, any third-party tools, foundry collateral, and process development kits (PDKs) required for designing a chip. Currently, the Synopsys Cloud BYOC deployment supports three major public cloud providers:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud

The Synopsys Cloud BYOC deployment is powered by our FlexEDA business model that provides unlimited, on-demand, flexible Synopsys EDA licenses and much more. Please see subsequent sections for more details. Customers do not need to manage license servers and keys for Synopsys EDA tools.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC): How it Works at Synopsys | Synopsys Cloud

How Does BYOC Work?

In a Bring Your Own Cloud deployment, customers subscribe to a public cloud service provider of their choice. Once a subscription is in place, customers can start using those services per their agreement with the cloud vendor.

Once a customer gets on-boarded for Synopsys Cloud, they can set up Synopsys Cloud BYOC services through a browser-based UI. After the request is made through the UI, Synopsys sets up a node in the same region and with same cloud vendor which the customer is using. This node communicates with the customer’s cloud to manage Synopsys EDA licenses and other Synopsys Cloud services, such as metering, analytics, and usage of Synopsys EDA tools. Synopsys provides a script to validate network connectivity from the customer’s cloud environment to the BYOC service.

After setting up the BYOC environment, designers can run their jobs using Synopsys EDA tools. Jobs running are logged by the Synopsys Cloud metering service for Synopsys pay-per-use EDA tools and usage, while analytics reports are updated in near real time.

The Benefits of BYOC

In general, BYOC allows customers to take full control over their cloud environment. Customers need not worry about storage, compute, and other infrastructure resources. The public cloud service provider takes care of these resources on demand.

The Synopsys Cloud BYOC deployment is powered by a FlexEDA business model. Customers can purchase cloud credits and consume them to run Synopsys EDA tools. Customers can scale Synopsys EDA tool licenses up or down based on project needs, run unlimited parallel jobs without any licensing constraints, and take full benefit of scalability and elasticity of the cloud for chip design. This helps in improving quality-of-results and achieving faster time-to-market for chip design. The Synopsys Cloud BYOC deployment offers and allows:

  • EDA Industry’s first and only patent-pending metered licensing service technology enabling unlimited, true pay-per-use (metered by the minute) access to Synopsys EDA tool licenses.
  • Pay-per-use access to most of the widely used, cloud-optimized chip design and verification tools, such as physical, functional, and formal verification; timing and power analysis; extraction, SPICE simulation, FastSPICE simulation, analog and mixed-signal design, and much more.
  • Usage and analytics details (interactive charts) on the consumption of cloud credits based on a variety of filters from an easy-to-use, browser-based UI.
  • Concurrent, seamless access to Synopsys EDA tools running on local license servers (customer’s cloud environment) and the ones under pay-per-use access.
  • Full control by customers of their cloud environment, with accessibility to run same flows, scripts, and binaries.
  • Flexibility to run any third-party EDA tool on their cloud environment (customer’s responsibility).
  • Foundry collateral and process development kits (PDKs) (customer managed).

Synopsys Cloud

Synopsys Cloud is available in two deployments:

  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SaaS is also powered by the FlexEDA business model. It allows Synopsys EDA tools to run on a pay-per-use basis and through a cloud subscription license. Our SaaS offering provides complete design and verification environments, including Synopsys EDA products and compute, storage infrastructure to run EDA workloads in the most optimal way. The SaaS deployment is a fully Synopsys managed service. Synopsys sets up the entire environment for customers who need compute, storage, and infrastructure resources as well as the EDA tools.

The Synopsys Cloud SaaS deployment also provides complete CAD management. Customers bring their own designs and work in a Synopsys managed environment. The compute and storage infrastructure in this case is from Microsoft Azure. Synopsys also ensures that the compute selected is optimized for the set of selected EDA tools that are available in this platform and that the optimization of compute and EDA tools works well together. In addition to the stand-alone EDA tools known as Apps, Synopsys also offers complete, end-to-end EDA design flows, which are called instances in this platform.

Synopsys also offers emulation on the cloud. Synopsys ZeBu® Cloud is an emulation platform in the cloud environment, managed by Synopsys and run on Synopsys’s own private cloud environment. 

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