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Synopsys and Intel have collaborated for decades to accelerate time-to-volume and increase design productivity.  Using Intel’s latest process and packaging technologies along with Synopsys’ end-to-end solutions across EDA and IP,  designers can integrate their most essential system requirements into their SoCs. Together, Intel Foundry Services and Synopsys are enabling companies to drive their next-generation system innovations across a wide range of applications including high-performance computing (HPC), automotive, mobile and aerospace. 

Key Benefits

Accelerate Time to Market

Intel-certified EDA solutions for a faster path to design closure
Minimize IP Integration Risk
Silicon-proven Interface & Foundation IP portfolio for Intel processes
Achieve First-Pass Silicon Success
Early access to Intel's process roadmaps, PDKs and more provides optimized EDA and IP solutions

Areas of Collaboration

Electronic Design Automation

Synopsys’ extensive portfolio of digital, custom, and multi-die design solutions enable mutual customers to achieve most optimal results on their next-generation semiconductor products using Intel technologies including Intel 16 and Intel 18A. Collaborating on over 200 design tapeouts using the Fusion Compiler RTL-to-GDSII solution, Intel and Synopsys are accelerating customers’ paths to achieving best PPA and increased differentiation. Synopsys’ 3DIC Compiler platform is production-proven on Intel’s EMIB and Foveros packaging technologies, providing mutual customers with the industry’s most integrated and scalable exploration-to-signoff-analysis solution. The collaboration extends beyond design to silicon lifecycle managment adding an in-chip monitoring sub-system on Intel’s advanced processes to enable greater understanding of in-test and in-field dynamically changing conditions for improved lifecycle operation of customers’ designs. 

Silicon IP

Synopsys collaborates with Intel to develop high-quality DesignWare® Interface and Foundation IP for Intel’s latest process technologies, delivering the highest throughput, lowest latency and maximum power efficiency for Intel-based SoCs. Synopsys' silicon-proven Interface IP has successfully interoperated with third party products including Intel, ensuring the IP works as intended, so designers can focus on their core competencies and achieve first-pass silicon success. DesignWare Foundation IP delivers the essential building blocks of high-performance, low-power chips. The Foundation IP for Intel processes includes embedded memories, logic libraries and general purpose IOs, enabling SoC designers to optimize their CPU, GPU and DSP cores for maximum speed, smallest area, lowest power or an optimum balance of all three. 

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