RISC-V Designs Without Limitations

SiFive is transforming the future of compute by bringing the limitless potential of RISC-V to the highest performance and most data-intensive applications. The company’s unrivaled compute platforms have enabled leading technology companies worldwide the ability to innovate, optimize, and deliver the most advanced solutions across the market segments of chip design. The collaboration between SiFive and Synopsys is providing solutions accelerating the development of SoC's Using SiFive's RISC-V-based processors for AI, machine learning, automotive, data center, mobile, and consumer applications.

Key Benefits

Agile DevOps Methodology

Shift left with verification solutions including processor models, simulation, static, formal, debug, emulation, and prototyping

Trusted Path to Optimized PPA

Co-optimized tools and Fusion QIKs reference flows for SiFive RISC-V processor cores  

Interface and Foundation IP

Deliver optimized system performance with Synopsys Interface IP and foundation IP, standard cells and memories

Design & Verification Cloud Solutions | Synopsys

Optimized Implementation of SiFive RISC-V Processors

Synopsys Fusion QuickStart Implementation Kits (QIKs) optimize the performance, power, and area (PPA) of SiFive's Intelligence™ X280, Performance™ P550, and future processor cores. The QIKs include implementation scripts, reference guides, and a baseline floor plan to kickstart implementation. By utilizing QIKs and leveraging Synopsys’ Fusion Compiler RTL-to-GDSII design product and Synopsys Design Space Optimization (DSO.ai™), the development of SiFive RISC-V based SoC designs can be accelerated.

Design & Verification Cloud Solutions | Synopsys

Solutions for SiFive Automotive™ Processors

As the market transitions to zonal architectures, and manufacturers require the energy efficiency, simplicity, security, and software flexibility, Synopsys EDA design and verification solutions provide prototyping efficiency and PPA optimizing SiFive’s Automotive™ E6-A, X280-A, and S7-A solutions for infotainment, cockpit, connectivity, ADAS, and electrification applications. 

Design & Verification Cloud Solutions | Synopsys

Virtualizer Development Kits for SiFive Processor Cores

Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs) are software development tools integrating fast functional models of specific multicore systems, multicore software debugging/analysis tools and sample software stacks. Virtual prototypes provide fast, fully functional software models of systems under development executing unmodified production code and providing higher debugging/analysis efficiency. SiFive and Synopsys are working closely together to provide an early software development solution for SiFive processor cores.


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