Collaborating to Provide Value Analog Semiconductor Solutions

Tower Semiconductor and Synopsys collaborate to provide optimized analog design manufacturing solutions to achieve your design success. For over three decades, Tower Semiconductor has continuously developed and provided high value analog semiconductor solutions. Through its vast knowledge of market needs, Tower offers advanced analog technologies and manufacturing solutions for automotive, infrastructure, consumer, medical, industrial and aerospace and defense, among others. Synopsys, with its decades long experience in EDA and association with the IC design community, has an industry leading offering of design tools. Together, Tower and Synopsys provide fast and accurate design solutions for complex designs – like power management, CIS, RF, silicon photonics and more.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Library & Technology Files
Using SiliconSmart characterization features enable high confidence in first-time design success
Co-Developed Custom Compiler iPDKs
Offering custom design teams a feature-rich analog design platform that minimizes time-to-market
One-Stop Shop for Silicon Photonics
Tower’s PH18 process & Synopsys’ OptoCompiler design platform for simulation and layout synthesis

Areas of Collaboration

Synopsys' Optimized Design Environment for Tower Processes

Synopsys and Tower collaborated to deliver an optimized design environment for Tower process technology based on Synopsys' advanced design tools. By teaming together, we are delivering a production-proven design solutions that allow designers a reliable path to silicon for their challenging SoCs. Using the IPL iPDK-based design kit, Tower provides iPDKs for the Custom Compiler platform for all it’s leading-edge processes.

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