Synopsys Joins Intel Foundry Services' USMAG Alliance

Ian Land

Nov 17, 2022 / 1 min read

Given our strong history of collaboration with the U.S. government and aerospace industry, Synopsys has a deep understanding of the unique challenges for semiconductors used in this sector. Harsh operating conditions, from desert to sea to space, and sensitive end applications such as rockets, radars, and satellites call for a unique set of tools and capabilities. 

Our latest involvement in facilitating the design and verification of chips for mission-critical applications comes with our participation in Intel Foundry Services’ (IFS’) USMAG (United States Military, Aerospace and Government) Alliance. The alliance brings together a trusted design ecosystem with U.S.-based manufacturing to enable assured chip design and production on advanced process technologies. The idea is that by working closely together, the electronic design automation (EDA) members in this alliance will be able to optimize their tools to provide secure design methodologies and flows, operation in secure design environments, and compliance with IFS’ process design kit (PDK) requirements. Additionally, alliance members’ IP blocks will align with USMAG customers’ requirements.

Satellite dishes with stars

“It’s great that this is all coming together at the same time as the CHIPS Act with Intel Foundry Services, as the U.S. Government also obviously needs to bolster semiconductor manufacturing here state-side, but Intel can’t go it alone in this endeavor,” writes industry analyst Dave Altavilla in a recent Forbes article. “In order to offer ‘quantifiably assured’ design, manufacturing and IP blocks, critical partners like Synopsys, with its DoD Trusted Supplier accredited design services, helps complete the enablement.”

Synopsys design tools, IP, and design services will all be part of this ecosystem. Please read Dave Altavilla’s full article in Forbes and learn more details about Synopsys’ Aerospace and Government solutions

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