Enabling Designers to Create the Industry’s Fastest Chips

The massive compute demands of hyperscale data centers – a backbone of the new pervasive intelligence era – require significantly faster Ethernet speeds to enable emerging workloads of large language models, HPC simulation and AI training.  To create the industry’s fastest chips for AI and data center networking applications, Synopsys delivers a complete IP solution for 1.6T Ethernet. The solution, including multi-rate, multi-channel 1.6T Ethernet MAC and PCS Controllers, silicon-proven 224G Ethernet PHY IP, and industry leading verification IP, helps design teams reduce integration risk and accelerate time-to-market.

Key Benefits

Low Risk

Silicon-proven IP and decades of experience


Extensive interoperability with leading ecosystem players

Low Latency

Up to 40% latency reduction compared to 800G solutions

Energy Efficient

Reduce power consumption up to 50% vs. today's SoC


  • Supports multiple rates up to 1.6T Ethernet rates with 224G and 112G Ethernet PHY IP
  • Supports IEEE 802.3, OIF-224G and OIF-112G standards electrical specifications

  • Meets the performance requirements of chip-to-chip, chip-to-module, and long reach copper/ backplane interconnects

  • DAC-based PAM-4 transmitter includes feed-forward equalization (FFE)  

  • Digital-based receiver consists of analog front-end (AFE), ADC, and advanced digital signal processor (DSP)

  • High-performance receiver equalization supports channel loss of 45dB 

  • Low jitter phase-locked loops (PLLs) provide robust timing recovery and better jitter performance

  • Includes Ethernet PCS RS-FEC functions 


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