Model-in-Loop Testing with TPT: Efficient Simulink Model Testing

Robert Fey

Oct 21, 2020 / 1 min read

Whatever Model-in-Loop testing (MiL testing) you want to do, you will find that TPT is the best testing tool to do that job for you.

The most widespread platform for MiL testing is Simulink which is used in the auto industry for model-based development to develop software for cars and other vehicles. In particular, it is suitable for auto code generation for the development of any kind of automotive software.

Run Any Model in Simulink. Test it with TPT.

Regardless which Simulink model you want to execute, TPT can test all of those models. Moreover, the test harness is generated automatically which allows you to concentrate on the testing, not on the test environment.

A large number of Simulink functionalities can be processed by TPT, such as structured data types (BUS signals), message signals and function calls.

Testing simple modules or complex systems – with or without plant model – is very easy with TPT. Even hundreds of input signals can be processed automatically, you can monitor internal signals and manipulate the relevant parameters accordingly.

Closed Loop Testing for Model-under-Test.

At times it might be necessary to feed the output of your Model under Test (MUT) back to TPT.  Say, you want the system to react once the (virtual) vehicle has accelerated to 50km/h. This kind of reactive testing, also referred to as closed loop testing, can be easily implemented with TPT for any Simulink model. Additionally, this equally applies to SiL, PiL, or HiL environments, as well as to automated driving tests.

Next to Simulink model testing you can also test TargetLink models or ASCET models with TPT.

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