Beyond Functional Testing: The TASMO Approach

Robert Fey

Apr 11, 2021 / 2 min read

As an extension of functional testing, TASMO can be employed to generate supplementary test cases automatically. This powerful feature of TPT lets you increase your code coverage beyond the level reached with manually created test cases. 

You can create test cases from various test environments such as MATLAB/ Simulink, dSpace TargetLink, or from C/C++ code.

For Simulink and TargetLink models TASMO can even detect unreachable paths in your model.

Once the manual creation of functional tests is done and you have executed all your test cases, it is time to run TASMO.

TASMO Insights

Test cases can be generated automatically based on specific input signals respective to value ranges and signal characteristics (e.g. sinusoidal signals).

In particular, you can run certain operations with TASMO, such as:

  • Test data specification directly extractable from Simulink or TargetLink model (input signal range specification)
  • Select coverage goals (coverage-relevant conditions and decisions in the model or code)
  • TPT measures functional tests and generates supplementary test cases for remaining code or model. You would not want your functional tests to be overwritten.
  • TASMO generates test cases in order to increase coverage of yet uncovered code
  • discover unreachable paths (Simulink/ TargetLink)

Detect Unreachable Paths in Simulink or TargetLink Model

Especially in safety critical systems (ISO 26262) one would not want to have dead code that is not reachable. Such dead software paths can never be executed and should be avoided. TPT and TASMO can help to identify such paths in your software.

As an example, take the Simulink model below. As you can see the saturation-max is set to 100 and the threshold of Switch1 is set to >100. Consequently, no signals above 100 are let through to the switch. 

Detect Unreachable Paths in Simulink or TargetLink Model

As you can see TPT identifies that the path is unreachable and tells you exactly where you have to look.


It should be mentioned that functional testing should by no means be neglected, just because you have TASMO. TASMO’s competencies lie in identifying what you might have missed. If your test-exit criterion is a particular level of coverage, for example, TASMO is of incredible help.

Try TASMO for Free

To try out TASMO, download the latest TPT version from our website. For evaluation purposes, feel free to reach out to request an evaluation licence for free under

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