Catalyzing the Impossible – When Semiconductor Design Gets Its SaaS On

Synopsys Editorial Staff

Apr 13, 2022 / 4 min read

From carbon in the atmosphere to the infection rates of pandemics, it’s all about flattening curves. But that’s not true with all curves. Paramount to the flattening of those existential-challenge-type curves is an increase in the camber of the semiconductor performance and productivity curves—helping to breathe life into a better, smarter world. That’s why Synopsys is looking to increase semiconductor design productivity by 1000x—optimizing cost of results, quality of results, and time to results—in the next 10 years. As part of the mission, Synopsys made a breakthrough announcement at SNUG Silicon Valley 2022, the keystone Synopsys user conference held virtually this year. In a partnership with Microsoft, Synopsys has unveiled the first broad-scale SaaS offering for EDA: Synopsys Cloud. On-demand EDA, IP, and verification tools, as well as compute capacity for semiconductor design, are all part of the offering.

At the conference, Synopsys Chairman and co-CEO Aart de Geus took center stage with his keynote, Catalyzing the Impossible. As the first pay-as-you-go SaaS approach for cloud-optimized semiconductor design and verification, our new cloud-optimized EDA model is designed for hyper flexibility. The new service is offered on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, whose pre-optimized infrastructure enables the increased interdependencies inherent in modern chip designs. The keynote included a chat with a special guest, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella, who discussed the importance of thinking about the entire system, from the silicon up, to meet the workloads of the future, everything from game streaming to multi-modal design. He emphasized that we are returning to a golden age of computer architecture where we are inventing new computers and generalized systems to meet multiple workloads—whether inference on the edge or large-scale super computers. And CPUs are the new accelerators.

This latest offering heralds a whole new era of semiconductor design that will help to catalyze what was before considered impossible. The best part? Companies can sign up for Synopsys Cloud immediately.

Chips are important to battling the challenges we face and bringing Smart Everything to life. To that end, Synopsys is working together with Microsoft to ensure that our future is a bright one. The industry hive is humming about these advancements. Here’s a recap of some of the latest buzz from media coverage around SNUG Silicon Valley:

Forbes: Chip Design Moves to the Cloud with Synopsys and Microsoft Azure

One of the biggest hurdles to designing semiconductors in the cloud is a flexible licensing model to gain access to the world-class design and verification tools. Couple that with proprietary designs that could equate to hundreds of millions of dollars. The stakes are high, so confidentiality and security are key to cloud semiconductor design adoption. But now with Synopsys EDA Cloud on Microsoft Azure, designers can have the elasticity and time to results advantages and security in the cloud, along with a streamlined payment model that allows you to pay as you go.

Forbes: Synopsys Launches Disruptive Cloud-Based SaaS Solution to Accelerate and Democratize Chip Design

A large number of companies are beginning to design their own chips for custom applications and the need for a compressed time-to-market along with a vast increase in chip complexity puts pressure to bear. Meanwhile, scaling out an EDA tools infrastructure can be too capital- and labor-intensive for smaller players to compete. Synopsys has just introduced Synopsys Cloud with flexible options for EDA design that can be managed by Synopsys or the users with the benefit of easily scaling compute resources up or down, depending on the need, with a pay-as-you-go approach.

“As more design flows incorporate AI, requiring even more resources, the virtually unlimited compute and EDA access we’re providing will lay the foundation for new levels of semiconductor innovation while delivering a flexible, secure chip development environment for future demands,” Sassine Ghazi, Synopsys president and COO, told Forbes.

EENews Europe: SaaS: Software as a Service All in One Usage Model

Designing chips in the cloud is an attractive option to achieve better time to results but many designers hold back due to concerns about protecting their IP. Synopsys has teamed up with Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide the tools you need for chip design on pre-optimized cloud infrastructure. You can also bring your own cloud (BYOC) resources whether its Azure, AWS, or Google and use Synopsys Cloud. And, in terms of security, you have the Synopsys software integrity platform, role-based multi-factor authentication, and other features to keep your designs secure.

Electronic Design: Synopsys Partners with Microsoft to Take EDA to the Cloud

As chip design becomes more complex, a 3D problem that will incorporate ever more AI, Synopsys is providing a great resource in Synopsys Cloud that enables you to scale up or down compute resources in response to your changing needs. The on-demand infrastructure both helps cut time and cost, and provides an alternative to home-grown, long-term data center infrastructure investment.

Electronics Weekly: Synopsys launches Pay-as-You-Go Chip Design and Verification Tools on Azure

Synopsys’ new pay-as-you-go chip design and verification solution employs a SaaS model so chip designers can scale as needed up and down and pay along the way. While Synopsys Cloud SaaS deployment based on Microsoft Azure means you don’t have to build and maintain your own infrastructure, you can also BYOC as Synopsys Cloud works on private cloud as well.

SemiWiki: Synopsys Announces FlexEDA for the Cloud!

EDA in the cloud has been discussed for a long while but this new announcement from Synopsys, Synopsys Cloud, is different. In the first place, it supports both BYOC and also a SaaS model and the FlexEDA “is a game changer,” using proprietary metering technology that allows access to EDA tools paid by the minute or the hour.

Make sure to watch this space for more highlights on the SNUG Silicon Valley 2022 conference, including upcoming features on our cloud and AI tracks at the conference. Registered users can also access conference sessions on demand.

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