The Breakthrough Technology Behind RTL Architect

Synopsys Editorial Staff

Apr 23, 2020 / 2 min read

Neeraj Kaul, VP of Engineering, discusses RTL Architect’s core capabilities and provides an overview of its unique capabilities.


Hi, I'm Neeraj Kaul, Vice President of R&D in the Design Group at Synopsys. The recently announced RTL Architect from Synopsys is an innovative product that signifies a shift left for RTL design and closure for the best PPA (Power, Performance, and Area). It's the industry's very first solution that significantly reduces the RTL development cycle and eliminates downstream implementation risk by enabling engineers to deliver predictably superior RTL.

The key underlying breakthrough technology in RTL Architect is a rapid multi-objective predictive engine. This enables designers to quickly and concurrently analyze and optimize the PPA impact of early RTL changes, which users are constantly making. This predictive engine utilizes new correct reconstruction modeling leveraging the proven and widely used core implementation algorithms and architectures of Synopsys Fusion Design Platform. This ensures total correlation to the best possible implementation.
RTL developers acquire fast iterations for tuning their RTL. This predictive engine delivers the long-desired speed and accuracy, the first of its kind in the industry. RTL Architect is built on a unified data model that provides multi-billion gate capacity and comprehensive hierarchical design capabilities.

With RTL Architect, designers can rapidly explore the implications of timing, power, and congestion of different logical partitions on physical implementation. It can perform RTL restructuring with automatic constraints management. New parallel algorithms, single and multi-machines enabled, quick analysis of numerous architectural configurations for the best possible outcome.

Furthermore, RTL Architect leverages novel machine learning predictive and optimization technologies to push QOR (Quality of Results) further and reduce time to results. The unified GUI environment allows visualization of congestion, timing, and power for the design and enables cross-referencing on any of the views. This architecture allows seamless and accurate RTL cross-probing for users to intuitively identify problem areas directly in the RTL code.

RTL Architect's groundbreaking predictive modeling technology, combined with a unified architecture that correlates by construction, enables RTL designers to simply deliver the best possible RTL with fewer surprises.

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