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What’s driving the need for a best-in-class solution for library characterization? In this month’s issue of Designer’s Digest, we learn about various system-on-chip (SoC) design challenges, requirements, and innovative technologies that deliver faster time-to-market with golden signoff quality. Learn how the Synopsys PrimeLib™ solution addresses the increase in complexity and accuracy needs for advanced nodes and provides designers and foundries accelerated turn-around time and compute resource optimization. 

1:1 with Moninder Bansal

Synopsys PrimeLib solution is the newest solution that is creating more excitement among designers. We sat down with Moninder Bansal, group director of Research and Development, Digital Design Group at Synopsys, to learn more about Synopsys’ unified library characterization and validation solution and how it is solving the challenges faced by the industry, especially at advanced nodes.