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Want to find out about a revolutionary breakthrough in circuit simulation innovation and how it is setting a new bar for EDA solutions? In this latest issue of Designer’s Digest, we learn about the PrimeSimContinuum solution, the industry’s only proven GPU-accelerated SPICE simulation technology providing up to 10X runtime speedup with golden signoff accuracy.

1:1 with Hany Elhak

We sat down with Hany Elhak, senior director of Product Management and Marketing, Custom Design and Physical Verification Group at Synopsys to discuss how the PrimeSim Continuum solution is well placed to address the challenges associated with verifying complex hyper-convergent designs and reduce signoff time from days to hours. We learned about the next-generation architectures for heterogeneous compute acceleration and the specific technologies that improve quality-of-results, time-to-results and cost-of-results.