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This issue of Designer’s Digest is focused on custom equivalence checking. New custom digital flows are bringing challenges to equivalence checking since it has to handle netlist representations from Verilog behavioral model, RTL, gate, Liberty .DB, switch to transistor level. In this issue learn about the challenges, how Synopsys is addressing these topics and creating further value by incorporating various static checks along with formal equivalence checking.

1:1 with Almitra Pradhan

We sat down with Almitra Pradhan, R&D Manager for ESP technologies at Synopsys, to learn more about Synopsys ESP, and how it can be used to address the emerging challenges around custom equivalence checking & verification.

What is Equivalence Checking? 

This article explains why equivalence checking is important and the difference between logic equivalence checking and sequence equivalence checking. 

SNUG India Presentation “ESP Advanced Usage - Scan Testbench, IO Pads and Standard Library Verification”

Learn more about Scan Testbench, IO Pads and Standard Library Verification

Model Variation And Its Impact On Cell Characterization

Learn more about new methodologies required to deal with local variation at advanced nodes.