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Synopsys Enables Tapeout of New Arm Mobile IP

Synopsys Design, Verification, and IP Enable Optimized Power, Performance and Area and Faster Time to Market

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Webinars, Videos, and New Releases

Synopsys Webinar: Attain Best PPA on Advanced Arm® Cores with Fusion Compiler’s New Placement-guiding Technology

This Synopsys webinar will be kicked-off by Arm, who will share an overview of their latest, market-optimized HPC-core offerings, followed by a technology deep-dive by R&D from Synopsys’ Arm ...

Video: Enabling Arm’s Highest-Performance CPU Core Design

Haroon Gauhar of Arm outlines the design challenges of high-performance cores, where fast RTL feedback and skew optimization are decisive factors of reaching best frequency. He highlights Fusion ...

Synopsys Webinar: Achieving the Best PPA for an Arm Cortex-A77 Core Using Synopsys Fusion Compiler

In this Synopsys webinar, Arm and Synopsys will highlight the key attributes of the Cortex-A77 core architecture and the best practices, new methodologies, and enabling technologies in Fusion...

News: Synopsys and Arm Extend Strategic Partnership to Deliver Superior Full-Flow Quality-of-Results and Time-to-Results

News: Synopsys Enables Tapeout Success for Early Adopters of Arm's Next Generation of Mobile IP