DesignWare IP for Safety & Security Applications


The Internet of Things consist of both "Brown Field" applications that add wireless to existing devices and "Green Field" applications that describes the proliferation of new innovative devices. Wireless sensor networks will be a driving force in many of these "Green Field" nodes as their underlying technology enables connectivity where energy consumption, installation, and maintenance hurdles were previously too high. A few application examples include smart lighting, locks, fire alarms, parking, pollution, and inventory management.

Reducing power consumption for sensing, actuation, and wireless communications are some of the most important technology advancements. Since extending battery life will be one of the most important features of differentiation, IP that help achieve this will be a critical SoC design decision. 

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  • Used to store user configuration, calibration & security data
  • Security protocol accelerators and co-processors
  • Embedded security IP modules establish secure hardware Root of Trust environments
  • Secure boot and cryptography middleware
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  • Low power, small area USB 2.0 picoPHY
  • Proven USB controllers for rapid integration
  • Supports charge detect functionality
  • Support for power supply gating and ultra-low standby current
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Sensor & Control Subsystem

  • Closely coupled memories & peripherals for cycle reduction
  • ARC EM core for power-critical, battery-operated devices
  • H/W accelerators optimize sensor algorithm calculations
  • ADC with up to 14-bit resolution and up to 5 Msps conversion rates
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  • Operation from single core voltage supply
  • >10,000 write cycle endurance
  • Integrated Error Checking and Correction (ECC) functionality
  • Used to store user configuration, calibration and security data
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  • High-density low leakage memory w/power reduction modes
  • Ultra low voltage operation
  • Deep sleep mode reduces leakage by 70%
  • Long channel devices reduce active leakage
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  • Ultra low power anti-signature ROM
  • Reduces leakage by up to 20%
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Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Link Layer and PHY
  • Operates below one volt supply
  • Integrated security functions
  • Supports the latest Bluetooth low energy standard
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Logic Libraries

  • Thick oxide “always-on” libraries for static power savings
  • Multi-bit flops for dynamic power and area savings
  • Power Optimization Kit minimizes core leakage
  • Ultra low voltage operation (40% below Vddnom)
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  • Thick oxide "always-on" logic libraries provide the lowest leakage for always-on wakeup circuits during sleep states
  • Ultra High Density logic libraries provide low voltage support down to 60% VddNom
  • Multi-bit flops minimize clock loading, area and leakage, improving dynamic and static power
  • Power Optimization Kits (POKs) for DesignWare Logic Libraries enable power consumption minimization while sustaining optimal performance
  • Memory compilers with advanced power management features reduce leakage by up to 70%, controlled via a single pin with 0.9V operation
  • Ultra-low power anti-signature via ROM reduces leakage up to 20%
  • Power & area efficient ARC EM processors with configurable and extensible architecture. Ideal for deeply embedded applications including functions such as voice and sensor fusion
  • Sensor and Control IP Subsystem provides significant area savings with lower latency due to tightly coupled memory and sensor interface peripherals as well as hardware accelerators to improve performance & reduce code size
  • ADC with up to 14-bit resolution and 5 Msps conversion rates exceed leading on-chip implementations
  • Proven, certified USB 2.0 and 1.1 controllers for service and support
  • Compact Bluetooth low energy Link Layer and PHYs enable secure wireless connectivity with extended reach, and low power consumption for extended battery life targeting wearables and smart home applications
  • Security IP including Public Key Accelerators, True Random Number Generators and security protocol accelerators and secure hardware root of trust protects against evolving threats