VC Verification IP for AMBA 5 CHI

Synopsys VC Verification IP (VIP) for ARM® AMBA® 5 CHI protocol specification provides a comprehensive set of protocol, methodology, verification and productivity features, enabling users to achieve rapid verification of AMBA 5 CHI-based interconnects and interfaces. AMBA 5 CHI works in conjunction with Synopsys AMBA 4 VIP to provide a complete system solution for AMBA 5 CHI-based designs.

AMBA 5 Protocol Features

  • AMBA 5 CHI master, slave and monitor
  • Complete port-level checks
  • Supports all interface types
  • AMBA 5 CHI system monitor provides system-wide protocol and data integrity checks
  • AMBA 5 CHI system environment encapsulates CHI masters, slaves, monitors, interconnect environment
  • AMBA system environment encapsulates CHI and other AMBA protocols

AMBA 5 CHI Verification

System Environment 
AMBA 5 CHI VIP is delivered in a simple to configure system environment that includes masters, slaves and monitors. The environment is easily configured to match the numbers of masters and slaves in the system. Each master and slave can then be configured to match the components in the system using the VIP configurator. Each VIP can easily be reconfigured as a passive component to continue checking and monitoring once RTL is instantiated into the system.

AMBA Verification System Environment
The AMBA 5 CHI verification system environment is integrated with the AMBA verification system environment to provide all of the configurability of the AMBA 5 CHI Verification System Environment with the addition of AMBA 4 AXI™, ACE™, AHB™ and APB™ verification system environments. A system monitor provides system-wide checking across all of the protocols.