DesignWare IP Solutions for AMBA - AHB DMA Controller

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The DesignWare AHB DMA controller is a highly optimized centralized DMA IP component offering configuration of up to 8 channels each with dedicated channel buffers. The DesignWare AHB DMA component can be configured and instantiated into the subsystem using coreAssembler, an included graphical based subsystem assembly tool. coreAssembler automates the subsystem assembly and IP configuration which includes the creation of an initial verification testbench environment enabled by DesignWare Verification IP, thus reducing the time to first simulation.

The DesignWare AHB DMA component for AMBA is available in encrypted format as part of the DesignWare Library. RTL source code is available for license separately, on a pay-per-use basis as part of the DesignWare AHB DMA Controller license package.

A flexible, Multi-Channel, Multi-Interface, Centralized AHB DMA Controller (DW_ahb_dmac)
  • Configurable selection of up to 8 DMA channels width dedicated channel buffering
  • Up to 4 AHB master interfaces with support for operation across multiple AHB layers
  • Flexible handshaking options, software based, hardware based or peripheral interrupt based
  • Features for improved bandwidth utilization e.g. bus locking, interface locking, fifo level mode
  • Dedicated AHB slave interface for programmable DMA control
  • Ability to allow source, destination or DW_ahb_dmac to enforce flow control
  • Powerful address generation options e.g. multi DMA blocks, linked lists, auto channel register reloading

Verification IP for AMBA 2 AHB
DesignWare Verification IP integrates easily into Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL and OpenVera testbenches to generate bus traffic and check for protocol violations. Monitors provide extensive reports to show functional coverage of the bus protocols.

DesignWare IP Solutions for the AMBA Interconnect

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  Description AMBA 2.0 AHB DMA Controller
  Name DW_ahb_dmac
  Version 2.21a
  STARs Open and/or Closed STARs
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  Product Type DesignWare Library IP
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  Product Code 2925-0, 3889-0