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Synopsys VC VIP Subsystem for Compute Express Link (CXL) provides a comprehensive set of protocol and subsystem level, methodology, verification, and productivity features, enabling users to achieve accelerated verification closure of CXL subsystems.

Key Benefits

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Protocol Checks

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Complete Subsystem Verification Solution


CXL Diagram

  • Supports CXL 3.0(EA), CXL 2.0, CXL 1.1 specifications
  • Device Support
    • Type 1 – CXL.io + CXL.cache (Accelerators)CXL block level, sub-system level, and chip level (full stack) topologies
    • Type 2 – CXL.io + CXL.mem + CXL. cache (Dense Computation devices)
    • Type 3 – CXL.io +CXL.mem (Memory Expanders)
  • Standalone PCIe feature testing capablility - Producer-Consumer
  • CXL memory and cache coherency transaction support
  • FLIT based transactions at ARB/MUX
  • Topology based connections
  • Block level/Subsystem level
    • PCIe TLMs at TL/DL
    • CXL.io/mem/cache TLM
    • CXL FLIT TLM – CXL Req/ Data/Resp TLM
    • Logical PHY Interface (LPIF) v 1.1
  • Full Stack
    • PCIe LPC/ PIPE SerDes architecture/Serial
  • Analysis ports for scoreboard applications
  • Callbacks, error injection, PCIe/ CXL functional coverage
  • Extensive Waveform, Layered Trace File support

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