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At Synopsys Photonic Solutions, we encourage you to increase your resilience in today’s world. As the numbers of COVID-19 cases increase globally, strict measures are being put in place by governments, institutions, and companies. We support these safety measures, but also understand the challenges they bring. Therefore, we encourage you to make use of resources and programs available to you, and to ask for help and advice. We value our customers and colleagues; let’s keep connected and help support each other!

Service Releases Now Available: Photonic Solutions v2020.09-1

We are pleased to announce the availability of Photonic Solutions portfolio service releases (v2020.09-1). Version 2020.09-1 of the RSoft Photonic Device Tools, Photonic System Tools, PIC Design Suite, and OptoCompiler include bug fixes and general improvements.

Software and License File Instructions

Direct-Sales Customers

Software and license key files for customers are available on the Synopsys SolvNetPlus website. If you need assistance accessing SolvNetPlus or obtaining the software and license codes, please contact

International Customers

Some of our customers will obtain the software and license key files from their local software distributor. See the Synopsys Optical Solutions Group Global Contacts page for contact information. If your country is not listed on the Distributors page referenced above, please contact us at

Synopsys Has Unveiled a New Era of Photonic Integrated Circuit Design: OptoCompiler

Making Photonic Design as Productive as Digital

OptoCompiler is the industry’s first unified electronic and photonic design platform that combines mature and dedicated photonic technology with Synopsys’ industry-proven electronic design tools to enable engineers to produce and verify complex PIC designs quickly and accurately.

By providing schematic-driven layout and advanced photonic layout synthesis in a single platform with full AMS capability, OptoCompiler bridges the gap between photonic experts and IC designers to make photonic design as productive as digital design.

New Software in Motion Video Now Available

Synopsys RSoft DiffractMOD RCWA in CAD Environments for Parametric Grating Design

This video demonstrates key features in RSoft DiffractMOD RCWA that are important for analyzing and optimizing parametric gratings in AR/VR applications. We demonstrate how to use the BSDF interface in Synopsys LightTools software to perform multi-domain simulations and achieve the best design solutions.

Day of Photonics 2020 Synopsys Webinar

The Day of Photonics is an annual event to promote photonic technologies and educate the general public about the significance of this key enabling technology. To celebrate Day of Photonics 2020, Synopsys Photonic Solutions will present a Synopsys webinar on October 21.

New Synopsys Webinar: Photonic Chip Design Made Easy with AutoRouting

Creating connections between components can be a time-consuming layout task for any integrated circuit design project. This is also an increasing factor for PIC designs, as the overall number of components being deployed in PICs is increasing, and both optical as well as electrical connections must be made. The routing rules for PICs are significantly different than for digital CMOS ICs. Photonic connections are made using waveguides that are curvilinear in nature to reduce light loss, reflections, and dispersion.

During this Synopsys webinar, we will discuss Synopsys’ approach to implementing fast, accurate electrical and optical interconnections in a PIC design using AutoRouting in OptoDesigner.

Our team of experts will demonstrate AutoRouting and provide layout engineers with tips to adjust their design approaches for routing layers and types. Engineers will learn how to reduce errors and development time.

What you learn:

  • How to implement AutoRouting design capabilities in different PIC technologies such as silicon photonics, III-IVs, and PLCs.
  • How to optimize electrical connections with multi-layer metal Manhattan-style routing for DC and low-speed RF routing.

On-Demand Resources

See our latest on-demand resources to optimize your use of our product portfolio.

Explore Synopsys’ photonic design flow with our online demo miniseries, now available on YouTube. These quick presentations highlight Synopsys’ latest design features in our Photonic Solutions platform. Watch the following videos at your convenience:

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Upcoming Event, Synopsys Webinar, and Video

Synopsys Webinar: Photonic Chip Design Made Easy with AutoRouting
21 October 2020


ECOC 2020
Virtual exhibition: 6-10 December 2020
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Software in Motion Video
Synopsys RSoft DiffractMOD RCWA in CAD Environments for Parametric Grating Design 
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