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Whether you traveled or stayed safe at home this summer, we hope you took some time to relax and enjoy the sunshine, and are now ready to increase your productivity and results. And what better way to re-start activities than by refreshing your mind and exercising your brain with our miniseries and on-demand webinars? We invite you to have a look to our Customer Support Portal to find useful material to speed up your simulations and designs.

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Get Ready for the Next Generation of Photonic Chip Design – Join Synopsys on September 9

Synopsys is About to Unveil a New Era of Photonic Chip Design

On September 9, Synopsys will introduce its industry-first unified software platform for photonic IC design. The event will feature a special message from Aart de Geus, chairman and co-CEO of Synopsys, product overviews from Synopsys executives, as well as presentations by our ecosystem partners, and selected demos. 

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New Feature Highlight: Asymmetric Mask Layer Generation in OptoDesigner

In OptoDesigner, the concept of a Mask Cross-Section (MCS) was introduced to create a virtual prototype of a waveguide. Users draw what they want to add to a chip, and the MCS feature ensures that mask layers are generated correctly, all following the exact shapes that the user specified. This feature highlight demonstrates exactly how the design intent and mask layers are implemented by a PDK developer, and highlights the full range of MCS feature capabilities.

Simulation of forward-biasing EO modulators with carrier and thermal effects in Sentaurus TCAD and RSoft Photonic Device Tools

Free-carrier electro-optic modulators are important active devices in Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) because of the feasibility of modulating the phase and power of input light signals. By applying external fields, carrier density around PN junction is changed and induces the change of the refractive index, resulting in the delay of propagation phase or decay of power. However, free carriers change not only the refractive index, but also temperature. For a forward-biasing operation, a huge amount of current will induce a high temperature distribution due to a self-heating effect, which compensates the changes of index. In this video, a full 3D EO modulator was designed and simulated in Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD Workbench with Device and BeamPROP BPM. The index compensation from self-heating effects in this modulator was simulated to show the seamless interface between two foundry-verified simulators in the multi-physics domain. 

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Explore Synopsys’ photonic design flow with our online demo miniseries, now available on YouTube. These quick presentations highlight Synopsys’ latest design features in our Photonic Solutions platform. Watch the following videos at your convenience:

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Synopsys Unveils Next Generation of Photonic Chip Design

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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PIC International 2020

November 17 - 18, 2020

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Brussels Belgium

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ECOC 2020

December 6 - 10, 2020

Brussels Expo, Brussels Belgium

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