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RSoft Component Design Suite 2016.03: Software and License File Download Instructions

We are pleased to announce the availability of the RSoft™ Component Design Suite version 2016.03.

Software and License File Download Instructions

Customers in the U.S., Canada, and Other Direct-Sales Locations 

Software and license key files for RSoft product customers in the U.S., Canada and other direct-sales locations are available on the Synopsys SolvNet website. You will need the following to install the latest RSoft products:

  • RSoft product software: You can download the RSoft products at
    If you do not already have a SolvNet account, information on how to sign up for one can be found on our website. Note that Synopsys has changed the SolvNet access policy for Universities; contact if you need assistance.
  • License key file:For the Component Design Suite 2016.03 release, you will need 2016.03 license key files. You can download license key files from the SmartKeys page on SolvNet at
  • SCL installer: SCL is automatically included with the Windows RSoft installers. You will only need to separately download SCL for Linux installations. You will need SCL version 11.7 or higher of Synopsys Common Licensing from the Electronic Software Transfer (EST) System on SolvNet. You can download this from

Complete instructions about obtaining your RSoft products software, license key files and the SCL installer are available in the RSoft Installation Guide at

To learn more about navigating SolvNet to obtain RSoft products software and license key files, view our SolvNet overview video.

International Customers 
For international customers working with distributors, you will continue to obtain your software and license key files from your local RSoft software distributor. See the Synopsys Optical Solutions Group Global Contacts page for contact information. If your country is not listed on the Distributors page referenced above, please contact us at for instructions.

Key New Features in the RSoft Component Design Suite version 2016.03

RSoft Component Design Suite

The RSoft Component Design Suite 2016.03 release, now available, provides the following updates:

  • Increased RSoft Bi-Directional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) User-Defined Optical Properties (UDOP) speed of up to 5x for all LightTools® simulations and an additional 8x for unpolarized cases. Users working with display or LED/OLED applications can now more efficiently perform mixed-level simulation using RSoft tools and LightTools in order to accurately model the effects of nano-scale textured or patterned surfaces within these types of devices.
  • Added option to distribute the RSoft BSDF calculation using multiple CPUs or cores on one or more computers. This can significantly improve the calculation speed for BSDF files, allowing for easier characterization and optimization of surface properties using either DiffractMOD™ or FullWAVE™ for mixed-level RSoft and LightTools simulation. This feature requires a MOST™ Cluster license and each computer used must have a simulation license.
  • New BSDF Viewer to enable the visualization of the contents of an RSoft BSDF file. You can query the BSDF file as a function of incident angle, wavelength, polarization, and side (front/back). This allows you to extract simulation results and replicate the RSoft BSDF UDOP behavior for simple illumination cases.
BSDF Viewer

  • Integration between the RSoft products and Synopsys’ Sentaurus™ TCAD products, allowing for bi-directional data transfer between the tools. This allows, for example, simulation of silicon modulators by passing complex index profiles from Sentaurus Device to FullWAVE or BeamPROP™ for optical simulation. Users can also pass complex doping profiles from Sentaurus Process to LaserMOD™ and/or the Multi-Physics Utility™ for combined electrical and optical simulations.

  • As a reminder, the licensing policy changed in version 2015.06-2 to allow a single license to utilize the full computing power of a single computer. This allows you to take full advantage of multi-core and multi-CPU computing systems. As before, the number of concurrent simulation jobs on one computer is unlimited. Users with a network license can fully utilize two computers for simulation. In all cases, note that the number of concurrent users of the CAD tools (RSoft CAD and the OptSim™ CAD) is limited to the number of licenses.

Please refer to the RSoft Component Design Suite 2016.03 Release Notes, available our Customer Support Portal, for more details about these and other updates included in the release.