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Quick Tip: Transform Your Workflow

When you need to move or duplicate objects in LucidShape, try the Transform feature to make these tasks easier and faster! Transform can help you duplicate objects in various positions, or arrange a dozen axis systems in a circle – just to name a couple of examples.

You can access the Transform feature in the Geometry menu. The following figure shows Transform dialog box options.

Following is a summary of transform options:

  • Use Translate to move objects and Scale to stretch or squeeze objects.
  • Use Mirror and Rotate about Line to establish symmetry in your model setup. It also allows you to duplicate any single shape onto an existing axis pattern, or move or copy it from its local axis to any other local axis.
  • You can apply incremental changes click by click in the direct interaction controls, but you can also directly enter parameter values in the bottom section of the dialog box to move and rotate objects.
  • Click the Apply button to execute your commands on selected objects.
  • Click the Copy button to execute your commands on a copy of a selected object and keep the original object as is.

For more information about the Transform feature, see section 4.1.2 in Chapter 4, Geometry, in the LucidShape User’s Guide.

LucidShape Measured BSDF Library Updates on the Customer Support Portal

The LucidShape library of measured BSDF data has been updated on the Customer Support Portal.

New and updated materials since November 2018 include:

  • Added 2 ALBIS ALCOM LB plastics
  • Added 9 Mold-Tech MT-1055 series, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 8 Mold-Tech MT-11000 series, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 12 SPI finishes, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 18 Tenibac 6000 series mold textures for moldable silicone, PMMA, and PC
  • Added 3 Covestro Makrofol DE diffusers
  • Updated 2 black anodized aluminum measurements

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