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LucidShape Version 2019.09 Available Now

We are pleased to announce that LucidShape Version 2019.09 is now available. New features include:

  • New Freeform Design Feature
    Expands the toolset of the MacroFocal design capability by providing optical engineers more granular control over the light spread across the entire facet, which reduces the need to subdivide facets into multiple rows of facets. The Freeform Design feature is available in two variations:
    • As a standalone design feature for creating a single freeform surface, accessible from the menu FunGeo > MF-FFD Single Reflector. 
    • Integrated into the MacroFocal design feature, accessible by clicking the FFD button on the MF Reflector dialog. This enables engineers to create a faceted reflector that has some facets that utilize the conventional MacroFocal capabilities, while other facets use the Freeform Design capabilities.

Multi-faceted reflector created with the new Freeform Design Capability (left) and the resulting light distribution (right), assuming a light target distribution of +/- 10 degrees in the horizontal and vertical directions.

  • Features that Support Pixel Light Technology
    New features enable users to:
  • Save a 3D LID file into individual LID files
  • Load individual LID files into a 3D LID file
  • Extract, replace, or remove LID frames from a 3D LID file
  • Pixel Light Simulator
  • Creates a set of light distributions, one for each pixel of the source. Supports simulations of very high-resolution pixel light systems, since results are stored on the user's hard drive.

Pixel light simulation model (left) and simulation result (right).

3D LID Mapper

  • The 3D LID Mapper is the core of the pixel light distribution design process. Designers can simulate pixel light systems with all pixels activated and the simulation results are stored in a 3D LID file, resolved by individual pixels. The mapper can create, modify, and write maxima maps of 3D LIDs, enabling users to create a variety of pixel light distributions in post processing without loss of generality/precision. Dramatically shortens simulations compared to simulating each light distribution separately.

New Tolerance Explorer

  • Perturbs a LucidShape model from its nominal state, runs batch simulations, and saves the results to a LID file.

New LID Analyzer

  • Enables users to check an entire collection of LID files for compliance with a specified regulation test table.

Improvements to the Visualize Module

  • The human eye vision (HEVI) capabilities has been extended to allow users to control the amount of color shift at high luminance levels.

Windows 10 Support
LucidShape and LucidShape Lite now support the Windows 10 operating system.

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Software and License File Instructions

Direct-Sales Customers

Software and license key files for LucidShape direct-sales customers are available on the Synopsys SolvNet website.

Distributor Customers

For customers working with distributors, you will continue to obtain your software and license keys from your local LucidShape software distributor. See the Synopsys Optical Solutions Group Global Contacts page for contact information. If your country is not listed on the Distributors page referenced above, please contact us at for instructions.

For More Information

See the LucidShape 2019.09 Release Notes on our Customer Support Portal. If you have any questions about features in this release, please contact

LucidShape Measured BSDF Library Updates on the Customer Support Portal

Remember to check out the LucidShape Measured BSDF Library on our Customer Support Portal. We regularly update the library of measured BSDF data.

Updated materials since November 2018 include:

  • Added 2 ALBIS ALCOM LB plastics
  • Added 9 Mold-Tech MT-1055 series, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 8 Mold-Tech MT-11000 series, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 12 SPI finishes, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 18 Tenibac 6000 series mold textures for moldable silicone, PMMA, and PC
  • Added 3 Covestro Makrofol DE diffusers
  • Updated 2 black anodized aluminum measurements

Calendar of Events

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