LightTools Enewsletters

  • December 2021
    Optical Solutions Tech Support during the holidays, LucidDrive release, resources, and events

  • August 2021
    LightTools 9.1.1 Service Release Now Available, LightTools User Group Meeting Series

  • April 2021
    New LightTools Quick Tip, Introducing Optical Scattering Measurements, LightTools Training and Tech Talks
  • December 2020
    Tech Support During the Holidays, Tech Talk Recordings, Customer Support Portal, Student Optical Design Competition, Other Resources

  • December 2020
    LightTools 9.1 New Release Now Available, Key New Features, Holiday Technical Support Hours


  • September 2020
    LightTools 9.1 Release Candidate (RC) Now Available, Key New Features, OSG Online Tech Talks, New Resources on the Customer Support Portal


  • May 2020
    Quick Tip: Analyzing Power, Illuminance, and Intensity Using LightTools Ray Paths, New White Paper: Accelerating Your LightTools Design Projects, Online Tech Talks, Optical and Photonic Solutions Blog


  • March 2020
    LightTools Version 9.0 Now Available, Software & License File Instructions, LightTools 9.0 Key New Features, New Materials on the Customer Support Portal


  • December 2019
    LightTools 9.0 Release Candidate New Features Webinar, LightTools Survey, Modeling Diffuse Plastics, 2019-2020 Student Optical Design Competition, Customer Support Portal, LightTools Technical Support During the Holidays

  • November 2019
    LightTools 9.0 Release Candidate (RC) Now Available
  • October 2019
    LightTools User Group Meeting Webinars and Presentations Now Available, LTUG Survey, BSDF Updates
  • August 2019
    Quick Tip: NURBS Curves in LightTools, User Group Meetings, BSDF Updates
  • June 2019
    LightTools 8.7 Service Release 1 Now Available, Register for LightTools User Group & Intro Training, Discontinuing LightTools Support for Windows 7
  • May 2019
    LightTools Quick Tip, July Intro Training, and New Webinar Recording Available: Ghost Image Reduction in LightTools
  • March 2019
    New Release: LightTools Version 8.7 Available Now, LightTools Training: Register for Spring Sessions, Webinar Recording Available: LightTools New User Orientation

  • December 2018
    LightTools 8.7 Release Candidate (RC) Available Now, BSDF Library Updates on the Customer Support Portal, LightTools Tech Support During the Holidays, 2018-2019 Student Optical Design Competition

  • November 2018
    LightTools Webinars, BSDF Library Available
  • September 2018
    LightTools User Group Meeting Presentations and Tolerancing Tutorials Now Available

  • July 2018
    Quick Tip: LightTools Tolerancing; Tolerancing Webinar Recording Now Available; OSG Software Libraries; LightTools User Group Meeting and Webinar Series; Upcoming Training

  • June 2018
    LightTools Version 8.6 Available Now

  • March 2018
    LightTools 8.6 Release Candidate (RC) Available Now

  • February 2018
    Using LightTools’ Parametric Controls for Efficient Modeling

  • December 2017
    LightTools Tech Support During the Holidays

  • October 2017
    LightTools User Group Meeting Presentations Now Available from the Customer Support Portal

  • August 2017
    Parameter Sensitivity Analyzer: Next-Generation Parameter Sensitivity Utility with Enhanced Functionality


  • June 2017
    LightTools 8.5 Service Release 2 Available

  • May 2017
    Quick Tip: Linking PSA and Configurations

  • March 2017
    Key New Features in LightTools 8.5
  • February 2017
    Quick Tip: Getting the Most Out of a LightTools Hybrid Simulation

  • December 2016
    LightTools Quick Tip: What Photometer Type Do I Need?

  • September 2016
    LightTools User Group Meeting presentations, upcoming training and webinar, NVIDIA graphics card notice

  • August 2016
    Quick Tip: Using Optical Contact/Cement for One-Sided Optical Properties, and other LightTools Tips and Tricks

  • May 2016
    Quick Tip: Not Writing Macros Yet? You Could be Missing Out on a Lot!

  • March 2016
    LightTools 8.4 Available Now

  • January 2016
    LightTools User Group Meetings; LightTools Tip: Selecting Objects by Type; Join Us for LightTools Training in Spring 2016

  • November 2015
    LightTools 8.4 Release Candidate (RC) Available Now

  • September 2015
    Quick Tip: Opening Tabs in New Windows, Street Lighting Utility and LightTools 8.3 New Features Videos Available

  • July 2015
    LightTools 8.3 Available Now

  • May 2014
    Quick Tip: Managing Ray Data Source Speed and Size