LightTools Enewsletter

September 2015

Quick Tip: Opening Tabs in New Windows

Did you know you could open separate windows for tabs in the Properties or Manager windows? Unlike the standard windows and manager screens that switch controls and data based on the current selections, these new tabs are in a separate window and remain fixed on the controls and selection of the original tab.

One of the most beneficial uses for this feature is when you are frequently navigating to a certain tab with a parameter of a particular object (like position, size, etc.). You can right click on the tab header and select “Open Tab in New Window”. A new window containing this tab will appear independent of other regular windows. You can adjust and apply changes to editable fields, just as you would in the original selection-sensitive window. The benefit is that these controls on this selection will persist while you check other properties and selections which change the contents of the regular properties windows.


The new windows make it easy to compare multiple tabs side-by-side. For example, you can open the Spectral Region Charts from multiple sources to view their wavelength distributions, along with the Spectral Distribution Chart from a receiver:

side-by-side charts

These new windows have the same interface as other LightTools windows, including the capability to auto-hide and dock with other windows to help you organize the important windows for your design.

Note that windows for NS ray segments will not persist as the system is changed and ray paths are recomputed.

Street Lighting Utility Videos Available

For the LightTools version 8.3 release, the LightTools Street Lighting Utility was enhanced with new optimization metrics such as hemispherical, semi-cylindrical and vertical illuminance, built-in roadway classification specifications from the EN13201 standard, and additional roadway luminance views. The following videos are now available on our Customer Support Portal to learn more about this utility.

Street Lighting Utility: Basic Operation
This 17-minute video gives an overview of the Street Lighting Utility, which provides fast calculations of street illuminance and luminance levels for standard observer positions for fixtures designed in LightTools or defined in IES files.

Street Lighting Utility: Optimization with an IES Source
This 10-minute video gives an overview of optimizing with an IES file source in the Street Lighting Utility.

LightTools 8.3 New Features Videos Available

LightTools 8.3 delivers powerful new modeling, analysis and optimization features useful for all types of illumination design. Watch our latest recorded webinar about the new features of LightTools 8.3, along with live demonstrations of some of the key features. The webinar is available in six parts and covers the following topics:

  1. Advanced Design Module overview
  2. Advanced Design Module using a Freeform Reflector demo (pictured)
  3. Freeform Designer for Freeform Design Lenses with Cartesian oval surfaces
  4. Freeform Designer demo
  5. MacroFocal Feature and Procedural Surface Lenses using LED Collimator
  6. Phosphor Modeling improvements using Beta features of Light Guide Designer, Light Guide Receiver Filter and Mesh

Other videos, which look at some of these features in depth, are available on our Customer Support Portal, including :