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Quick Tip: Setting a Global Axis

Global axis systems in CAD design and optical design are usually different. While a vehicle's reference axes are aligned along or across the road, the lighting reference is always a local optical axis system. In LucidShape, you can easily switch between global reference systems in just two steps!

First, please be sure to store an existing axis system, or create a new axis system to memorize your original global system (create axis system). Second, use the “Set Global Axis” option on the Geometry menu to turn the axis system of your choice into the new global reference. This way, you can import any design from any reference, set the global axis to be the optical one, and finish your lighting development task as effectively as possible with all of the dependent relations being in alignment for your tool and design rules. Once this is done, you can then export your solution back to the CAD system in its native reference system again, using the "Set Global Axis" option.

Axis system in LucidShape.

Service Release: Support Added for CATIA V5 R29

We are pleased to announce the availability of LucidShape CAA V5 Based version 2019.06 Service Release 1. This service release, now available on SolvNet, adds support for CATIA V5 R29. The LucidShape CAA V5 Based product now supports CATIA V5 R25 - R29.

You can download LucidShape CAA V5 Based 2019.06-1 software at

LucidShape Holiday Technical Support

From December 23, 2019 to January 1, 2020, LucidShape technical support will be unavailable.

We will resume business as usual on 
January 2, 2020
, and will respond to product support and general inquiries. You can contact us via e-mail at

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

In countries where we have international representatives, you can contact distributors directly. Please see our list of global contacts on our website.

LucidShape Measured BSDF Library Updates on the Customer Support Portal

Remember to check out the LucidShape Measured BSDF Library on our Customer Support Portal. We regularly update the library of measured BSDF data.

Recently updated materials include:

  • Added 3 new Covestro Makrofol DE diffusers


Updated materials since November 2018 include:

  • Added 2 ALBIS ALCOM LB plastics
  • Added 9 Mold-Tech MT-1055 series, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 8 Mold-Tech MT-11000 series, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 12 SPI finishes, aluminized with topcoat
  • Added 18 Tenibac 6000 series mold textures for moldable silicone, PMMA, and PC
  • Added 3 Covestro Makrofol DE diffusers
  • Updated 2 black anodized aluminum measurements

Customer Support Portal

Current customers can access LucidShape resources and content at any time on our Customer Support Portal ( Access training materials, user group presentations, recordings of previously held webinars, videos, material libraries and more.

Customers can check out the following resources:

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