Analog IP for Mobile and Wireless Communication SoCs

The DesignWare® Data Converter IP portfolio helps designers bring mobile and wireless communication SoCs to market. Synopsys solutions for the baseband analog interface - Analog Front-End (AFE) - is based on state-of-the-art data converter and PLL building blocks that will help designers meet their specific application's requirements, reduce risk and improve time-to-market. It is optimized for seamless integration with digital baseband processors in complex digital SoCs, as well as in RFIC chips. Take advantage of Synopsys' extensive expertise in mobile and wireless communication (LTE/LTA-A, WiFi.11n, WiFi.11acax, etc.) applications. Learn more about the silicon-proven DesignWare Data Converter IP that offers high performance, high speed and ultra-low power dissipation in a small area, and are available in a wide range of process technologies from 180-nm to 28-nm.