DesignWare ARC Functional Safety Processors

Design Functionally Safe Automotive SoCs from the Processor Level

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ASIL Ready Certified for Safety-Compliant Automotive Applications

The DesignWare ARC functional safety (FS) processors support ASIL B and ASIL D safety levels to simplify safety-critical automotive SoC development and accelerate ISO 26262 qualification. The portfolio includes the ARC EM22FS, HS4xFS and EV7xFS and VPX5FS safety processors with integrated hardware safety features to detect system errors.

The DesignWare ARC MetaWare Development Toolkit for Safety (EM22FS, HS4xFS) and MetaWare EV Development Toolkit for Safety (EV7xFS) help software developers accelerate the development of ISO 26262-compliant code.