ARC Access Program

ARC Access Program

Synopsys offers a complete suite of development tools, ARC development systems and operating systems providing everything a developer needs to efficiently develop their embedded software application for ARC processor-based systems.

Synopsys enables leading vendors to provide optimized and compelling solutions for DesignWare® ARC® processors in customer products.  The ARC Access Program supports this ecosystem of third-parties offering software development tools, operating systems (RTOSes), middleware, semiconductor IP and design services.

The ARC Access Program helps customers to:

  • Develop ARC-based embedded solutions faster by leveraging compatible products from leading embedded industry vendors
  • Reduce project risk by taking advantage of design solutions pre-ported and tested for the DesignWare ARC architecture

Are you looking for ARC Access Program members that can help accelerate your ARC-based product design?  You may find third-party vendors supporting the ARC Architecture by visiting the ARC 3rd Party Tools & Software web page or contact the ARC Access Program team.

Members of the ARC Access Program gain access to Synopsys DesignWare ARC development tools and receive support from Synopsys to help port or optimize their products for ARC processors. ARC Access Program members may also collaborate with Synopsys in marketing their technologies to ARC customers.

Is your company interested in providing solutions to ARC customers?  Learn how to join the ARC Access Program by contacting our ecosystem team.