Maximum Performance Efficiency for Real-time Applications

The Synopsys ARC-V™ RHX series of RISC-V processors are optimized for high performance real-time applications with minimum area and power consumption. The Synopsys ARC-V RHX series provides single core options (Synopsys ARC-V RHX-100) as well as multi-core options which support up to 16x CPU cores in a single processor cluster (Synopsys ARC-V RHX-105).  

The Synopsys ARC-V RHX family also provides support for RISC-V defined vector extensions (RVV) with the Synopsys ARC-V RHX-100V/RHX-105V processor.  All Synopsys ARC-V RHX-100 series cores support RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) profiles.

The Synopsys ARC-V RHX processors are supported by a broad ecosystem of commercial and open-source tools, operating systems and middleware. This includes offerings from leading industry vendors who are members of the ARC Access Program as well offerings supporting the broader RISC-V ecosystem.

Synopsys ARC-V RHX Series Processors

RHX-100 Series

  • Power-efficient 32-bit multicore RISC-V processors
  • Targeting real-time applications where performance efficiency is critical
  • Up to 16x CPU cores per processor (RHX-105)
  • Optional RVV vector extensions (RHX-100V/105V)

Synopsys ARC-V Development Tools, Software and Ecosystem

MetaWare Development Toolkit (compilers, debugger, and simulator)

ARC Access Program (portfolio of 3rd party tools, operating systems, and middleware)

RISC-V Ecosystem

Licensable Options


Supported Synopsys ARC-V RHX Processors

Memory management Unit (MMU)

Only multi-core configurations of RHX-100 series processors: RHX-105 and RHX-105V

L2 Cache

Only multi-core configurations of RHX-100 series processors: RHX-105 and RHX-105V  

Cluster DMA

All RHX-100 series processors

Real-Time Trace

All RHX-100 series processors

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