DesignWare ARC MetaWare Development Toolkit

The DesignWare® ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit builds upon a 25-year legacy of industry-leading compiler and debugger products. It is a complete solution that contains all the components needed to support the development, debugging and tuning of embedded applications for the DesignWare ARC processors. The tool chain supports the complete family of ARC Processors, from the high-speed ARC HS Family and the deeply embedded ARC EM Family to the general-purpose ARC 600 Family and the ARC 700 Family for high-performance applications, as well as the ARC AS200 Audio Processors. The MetaWare EV Development Toolkit is an enhanced version of the toolkit that adds support for the EV6x Processor family.

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The DesignWare ARC MetaWare C Compiler is ANSI-C compliant, and supports the relevant subset of the ISO extensions for embedded applications. The C++ compiler supports advanced language features like partial specialization of class templates, and comes with a Standard Template Library next to the standard C++ library. For embedded developers targeting their applications to the DesignWare ARC processor architecture, the compilers deliver industry-leading code density while maximizing performance. Synopsys maintains and runs an extensive suite of internal compiler verification and validation tests, and runs C and C++ validation suites from Plum Hall, Inc. and Perennial, Inc. prior to every product release.

The DesignWare ARC MetaWare C/C++ Debugger fully supports the rich set of ARC configuration options and extensions. It comes with a graphical user interface, as well as a command-line interface, to which you can add your own plug-ins to implement new functionality. In its semantic inspection interface you can display your application data in a format most useful and meaningful to you, and its peripheral display interface can decode bits in memory mapped registers for custom displays. The debugger also offers extensive profiling capabilities to tune your application to the selected ARC configuration, or to experiment with multiple ARC configurations to reach the optimal result. Additionally, it comes with an Instruction-Accurate Instruction Set Simulator that supports the complete range of ARC processors.

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The MetaWare Development Toolkit offers a complete product solution to effectively support the development, debugging and tuning of your embedded applications for the DesignWare ARC processor

The DesignWare ARC MetaWare Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a state-of-the-art Eclipse-based solution that enables users to seamlessly integrate the creation, management and debugging of embedded applications in a single cockpit. The ARC MetaWare Compiler and Debugger are fully integrated in this industry-standard, open IDE, where users have the ability to incorporate additional Eclipse-compatible tools from third parties, or add tools of their own design.

MetaWare EV Development Toolkit

The ARC MetaWare EV Development Toolkit is a complete set of tools that provides everything needed to program the EV Processor family. MetaWare EV includes the MetaWare C/C++ Compiler, MetaWare Debugger and simulator from the standard toolkit and adds an OpenCL C compiler for writing kernels for the vector DSP, an OpenVX Kernel Library and OpenVX runtime software, an OpenCV Library and a mapping tool to map convolution neural network (CNN) graphs to the CNN engine. It also includes the EV Virtualizer Development Kit (EV VDK). This is a virtual prototype of an EV system that allows for early software development. All this functionality is contained in one comprehensive suite of tools to provide a high productivity development environment for the creation of embedded vision applications on the EV Processor Family.

MetaWare for Safety

For developing safety-related software to meet ISO26262, certified versions of the Metaware Development Toolkit and the MetaWare Developer Compiler are available. These products have been certified by SGS-TüV Saar GmbH as ASIL-D ready and they include a Safety Guide and Safety Manual for the using the MetaWare tools in such applications.

MetaWare Lite

A demonstration/evaluation version of the MetaWare Development Toolkit is available for free from the Synopsys website. MetaWare Lite is a functioning demonstration of the MetaWare Development Toolkit, but has a number of restrictions, including a code-size limit of 32 Kilobytes and no runtime library sources. It is available for Microsoft Windows only.

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  • Single tool chain supporting all ARC processor families: ARC 600, ARC 700, ARC EM and ARC HS
  • MetaWare EV Development Toolkit supports EV61, EV62, EV64
  • Full support for ARC configuration options and extensions
  • Full support for customer-defined market-specific instructions that can be added through the ARC extendible ISA
  • Advanced C++ language support, including STLport Standard Template Library for ARC
  • Industry-leading code density, without compromising on performance, through its mixed 16/32-bit instruction set and an extensive suite of compiler optimizations
  • Automatic Overlay Manager with transparent loading and removing of overlays for saving on memory costs
  • OS Aware Debugger for the MQX RTOS for ARC
  • Multicore debugging support
  • Includes Instruction Set Simulator, with OSCI TLM2 SC support and integration Layer for the Synopsys Virtualizer Virtual Prototyping solution
  • Eclipse-based IDE
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