Why Customers Choose ARC Processors

Low Risk + -

Make the Safe Choice

  • Over 20 years of innovation delivering silicon-proven processor IP for embedded applications – billions of chips shipped annually
  • Industry's second-leading processor by unit shipment 
  • The safe choice with significant investment in development of safety and security processor 


Industry’s Best Performance Efficiency for Embedded

  • Broad portfolio of proven 32-/64-bit CPU and DSP cores, subsystems and software development tools
  • Processor IP for a range of applications including ultra-low power AIoT, safety-critical automotive, and embedded vision with neural networks
  • Supported by a broad ecosystem of commercial and open-source tools, operating systems, and middleware


Flexible + -

PPA Efficient, Configurable, Extensible

  • Optimized to deliver the best PPA efficiency in the industry for embedded SoCs
  • Highly configurable, allowing designers to optimize the performance, power, and area of each processor instance on their SoC
  • ARC Processor eXtension (APEX) technology to customize processor implementation


Rich ARC Ecosystem

  • Complete suite of development tools to efficiently build, debug, profile and optimize embedded software applications for ARC based designs
  • Broad 3rd party support provides access to ARC-optimized software and hardware solutions from leading commercial providers
  • Online access to a wide range of popular, proven free and open-source software and documentation



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