Maximum Performance Efficiency for Host Applications

The Synopsys ARC-V™ RPX-100 series processors feature a dual-issue, 64-bit superscalar architecture for use in high performance applications where performance efficiency is required. The cores offer outstanding performance delivering with minimal power consumption.  

For applications requiring higher performance, the multi-core RPX-105 & RPX-105V are available with up to 16 CPU cores and up to 16 hardware accelerators in the processor cluster.  RISC-V vector extensions (RVV) are available in the Synopsys ARC-V RPX-100V (single core) and Synopsys ARC-V RPX-105V (multi-core) processors.

The Synopsys ARC-V RPX processors are supported by a broad ecosystem of commercial and open-source tools, operating systems and middleware. This includes offerings from leading industry vendors who are members of the ARC Access Program as well offerings supporting the broader RISC-V ecosystem

Synopsys ARC-V RPX Series Processors

RPX-100 Series

  • Dual-issue, 64-bit processors
  • Targeting performance-efficient host applications 
  • Up to 128KB of unified private L2 cache per core 
  • Optional RVV vector extensions

Synopsys ARC-V Development Tools, Software and Ecosystem

MetaWare Development Toolkit (compilers, debugger, and simulator)

ARC Access Program (portfolio of 3rd party tools, operating systems, and middleware)

RISC-V Ecosystem

Licensable Options


Supported Synopsys ARC-V RPX Processors

Cluster DMA

All RPX-100 series processors

Real-Time Trace

All RPX-100 series processors