Synopsys ARC-V RHX Series Functional Safety Processor IP

The Synopsys ARC-V™ RHX-110-FS, RHX-115-FS, RHX-110V-FS, and RHX-115V-FS functional safety processors simplify development of high-performance safety-critical applications and accelerate ISO 26262 certification of automotive system-on-chips (SoCs). The ASIL D compliant processors feature a pre-verified dual-core lockstep implementation (up to 8x cores in lock-step) including an integrated safety monitor. There is also an option to run the cores in an independent “hybrid” mode for ASIL B or non-automotive applications requiring higher performance based on the same design.

The ARC-V RHX Series Functional Safety processors are supported with comprehensive safety work products and the MetaWare Toolkit for Safety with ASIL D certified compiler to generate ISO 26262 compliant code.

ARC-V RHX FS Block Diagram

ARC-V RHX Safety Processor Block Diagram


  • Dual-issue, 32-bit processor for high-performance applications
  • Dual-core lockstep safety processor supports ISO 26262 automotive safety standards
  • Single solution for Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) B and D; Supports ASIL D lockstep operation or ASIL B single-core operation
  • Includes integrated hardware safety features such as ECC, user-programmable windowed watchdog timer, end-to-end protection (E2E) for buses/data-path, and lockstep safety monitor
  • Support for vector extensions (RVV)
  • MetaWare Toolkit for Safety with ASIL D Compliant certified compiler
  • Extensive safety documentation eases SoC certification process