Synopsys ARC Audio Codecs

Optimized for ARC processors with DSP capability

Synopsys offers an extensive portfolio of audio codecs that are available for use with the Synopsys ARC® EMxD and the ARC HS4x families of processors.  The ARC audio codecs facilitate a range of audio applications, such as Bluetooth streaming to headsets and hearing aids, voice/speech processing for smart speakers, soundbars, and audio playback for home entertainment systems.  Whether you're building an SoC for ultra-low power portable applications, higher end wearables or for automotive infotainment systems, Synopsys provides a full range of high-performance, easy-to-integrate audio codecs for a broad range of audio applications.

Codec Certification

Synopsys ARC audio codecs are fully compliant to audio standards. Synopsys works closely with the standards holders to ensure all of its codecs are certified and up-to-date from the moment of availability. Testing against standard test vectors as well as additional stress test vectors ensures reliable operation. 


All of Synopsys codecs run on the Synopsys xCAM cycle-accurate simulator for performance measurements and verification, as well as on ultra-fast instruction set simulators. This enables designers to explore different core configurations and optimize the performance of the relevant ARC processor for their specific SoC and end application. 

Audio Licensing Authorities

Synopsys' collaborates with various licensing authorities to ensure the latest audio software technology is available for Synopsys ARC IP solutions.