EVS Codec for Synopsys ARC Processors

The Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec for Synopsys ARC® Processors is a super-wideband speech audio coding standard. The original specification was developed by 3GPP and described in 3GPP TS 26.441. EVS is the mandatory audio codec for super-wideband transmissions via VoLTE. This codec offers up to 20 kHz audio bandwidth, with high robustness to delay jitter and packet losses due to its channel aware coding and improved packet loss concealment. The application areas for this codec cover improved telephony and teleconferencing, audiovisual conferencing services, and cellular streaming audio.

Supported Cores

EVS Codec for Synopsys ARC Processors Datasheet


Downloads and Documentation
  • Enhanced interoperation with AMR-WB
  • Supports voice activity detection (VAD), discontinuous transmission (DTX), comfort noise generation (CNG) and jitter buffer management (JBM)
  • High robustness to packet loss
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Description: ARC Audio EVS Codec
Name: dw_ac_evs_codec
Version: 2020.06
STARs: Open and/or Closed STARs
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Product Code: E103-0