Synopsys ARC DTS HD LBR Decoder (DTS Express)

The Synopsys ARC® Audio DTS® HD LBR (Low Bit Rate) Decoder, also known as DTS Express, is a mandatory codec in Blu-ray Disc™ applications for the secondary audio channel to provide stereo (2 channels) output. It also provides up to 5.1 channels (for example for Blu-ray Disc SPDIF output).

Supported Cores

Synopsys ARC Audio DTS HD LBR Decoder Datasheet


  • Down-mix to stereo (2 channel) output
  • 5.1 channel out (e.g. for SPDIF out)
  • Sampling frequencies up to 48 kHz
  • Up-sampling up to 96 KHz (48 kHz in)