Synopsys ARC Audio MPEG-4 AACPlus v2 Encoder

The Synopsys ARC® Audio MPEG-4 aacPlus v2 Encoder provides high-quality audio encoding for devices such as television sets, set-top boxes and digital cameras.

Supported Cores

Synopsys ARC Audio MPEG-4 aacPlus v2 Encoder


  • Compliant to ISO/IEC standard 14496-3:2005/Amd 2:2006 (also known as MPEG-4 HE AAC)
  • Higher coding efficiency compared to AAC LC
  • Optional coding methods for improved efficiency:
    • Joint Stereo Encoding
    • TNS (Temporal Noise Substitution)
    • PNS (Perceptual Noise Substitution)
    • IS (Intensity Stereo)
    • SBR (Spectral Band Substitution)
    • PS (Parametric Stereo)
  • Multi-channel encoding: 1.0 to 7.1 channels
  • Average Bit Rate (ABR) encoding for smallest size and highest quality
  • Supported sample rates: 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 32, 44.1, 48, 96 kHz
  • Bitrates: 8..160 kbps per channel (in steps of 8 kbps)
  • Bit resolution: 16/24/32-bit PCM audio input
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
  • Support for Audio Data Interchange Format (ADIF), Audio Data Transport Stream (ADTS) and Low 1 Overhead Audio Stream (LOAS) containers