Synopsys ARC DTS Transcoder

The Synopsys ARC® Audio DTS® Transcoder compresses multi-channel PCM audio to a DTS Coherent Acoustics (CA) stream. The DTS Coherent Acoustics multi-channel encoding algorithm was designed to deliver home-made digital audio reproduction to a studio -quality level in terms of fidelity and sound stage imagery. The transcoder encodes up to 5 full-bandwidth (20 Hz - 24 kHz) channels and one low frequency effect (LFE) channel.

Supported Cores

Synopsys ARC Audio DTS Transcoder Datasheet


  • Compresses multi-channel PCM audio into a DTS Coherent Acoustics (CA) stream
  • Encodes up to 5 full-bandwidth channels
  • Encodes 1 Low Freq Effect (LFE) channel
  • Typical applications include SPDIF output
  • Resolution: 16 bit and 24-bit PCM input