LC3 Codec for ARC Processors

The LC3 codec algorithm for DesignWare® ARC® Processors was designed as a low complexity communications codec within the Bluetooth LE Audio specification, to deliver voice and audio streaming. The LC3 codec supports six sample rates within the range of 8kHz to 48kHz and multiple channels are supported with 16 to 320k bits per second per channel.

The LC3 codec has been certified and has gone through accuracy considerations to the ITU-R Recommendation BS.1387 (PEAQ) based or RMS delta certification approaches are mandated by current Bluetooth SIG proposal(bit exactness is not required).

Supported Cores

LC3 Codec for ARC Processors Datasheet


  • New Bluetooth LE Audio voice/audio codec
  • Low complexity communication codec (LC3), developed with Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS
  • Robust to system memory latency
  • Variety of packet loss concealment algorithms to suit application requirements