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New Feature Highlight: Plotting Surface Sag in CODE V 11.3

CODE V 11.3 features new capabilities for working with CAD geometry, new surface types for freeform surfaces, and more. Among the new features are tools to plot a profile of the sag of any surface, and the difference in sag between any surface and a surface with a known radius of curvature.

The SAGPLOT tool generates a one- or two-dimensional sag table and plot over any specified surface.

The SAG_DIFFERENCE tool plots the difference between any surface and a surface with a user-specified radius of curvature such as the radius of the vertex or the best fit sphere. Measuring the amount of departure of a surface from a base surface can help you to determine if a specific fabrication method is suitable for the surface.

Both SAGPLOT and SAG_DIFFERENCE can be accessed from the CODE V Tools > Macro Manager under Sample Macros > Fabrication Support:

For more information about using the SAGPLOT and SAG_DIFFERENCE tools, see the CODE V Macro-PLUS Reference Manual. If you’d like to learn about other new  features in CODE V 11.3, you can check out the CODE V 11.3 Release Notes, and CODE V 11.3 New Feature Videos on the Customer Support Portal.

Watch the CODE V 11.3 New Features Webinar

A recording of our CODE V 11.3 New Features webinar is now available on demand on our Customer Support Portal. Learn about CODE V’s expanded CAD model support, new freeform surface shapes, and more. Watch Webinar...

CODE V Product Manager David Hasenauer to Discuss "Freeform Design Tools for Highly Off-Axis Systems"

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