CODE V Enewsletter

May 2019

Feature Highlight: Visualizing Surface Apertures in CODE V 11.2

The collection of light in optical systems is defined by the apertures of the elements. While circular apertures are the most prevalent in imaging systems, some systems contain aperture shapes that have higher complexity. In CODE V, most complex apertures can be built using a combination of circular, elliptical, and rectangular apertures. To aid you in aperture construction, CODE V enables you to click a button to visualize apertures in a separate window. The "View Apertures" button is available in both of these windows:

  • Apertures window (select the menu Review > Apertures)
  • Surface Properties – Aperture window (select the menu Lens > Surface Properties > Aperture)


For command line users, this is the VAP command. For example, the list of 5 apertures on the Stop surface of this system forms a complex keyhole shape. You can visualize this aperture by selecting "All" for the type of aperture for this surface.

Two modes are available. The first is to view all the individual aperture components: 

The second mode is to view the composite aperture described by these apertures:

The View Aperture option is new in CODE V 11.2. To learn more about this option and other improvements in CODE V 11.2, such as enhancements to the SpecBuilder window, and enclosed energy analysis (including optimization!), please see the CODE V 11.2 Release Notes installed with CODE V and available on the Customer Support Portal.


April 2019 Glass Catalog Updates

Updates to the CODE V material database, including the Heraeus, Hikari, Hoya, Mitsui, Ohara, and Sumita optical glass catalogs, are now available. For download links and installation instructions, click here. For information about glasses affected by this update, refer to the History of CODE V Glass Database Changes on our website.

Please note that the glass catalog files are not compatible with CODE V version 11.0 or earlier

Register for the Annual CODE V User Group Meeting and Webinar Series

You are invited to attend one of our annual CODE V User Group Meetings, presented in three locations:

  • June 4 – Pasadena, CA
  • June 6 – Mountain View, CA
  • June 18 – Rochester, NY

These meetings will cover the following topics:

  • CODE V 11.2 New Features
  • CODE V Future Plans
  • CODE V Tips and Tricks
  • Variants of the Offner Relay
  • Optical Design Considerations for Improved Manufacturability of Freeform Surfaces
  • Working with Lens Modules in CODE V
  • Modeling Mid-Spatial Frequency Surface Errors Using Beam Propagation


The live meetings start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. A complimentary lunch will be provided along with morning and afternoon refreshments.

Student Design Competition

Students are invited to enter an optical design class assignment or thesis work completed during the 2018-2019 academic year using CODE V. Entries are due June 14, 2019. Awards totalling $10,000 will be granted. Enter your project today!


For the latest event calendar, please go to our Events Page.