CODE V Enewsletter

September 2017

CODE V version 11.1.

MTF_1FLD Enhancements

Using the MTF_1FLD function, you can now compute MTF at nominal focus or through-focus positions that you define using the through-focus commands NFO, FFO, and IFO. MTF_1FLD is now thread safe, which allows for parallel processing during optimization.

Enhanced Visualization of Small Lenses

Display Lens (VIE) and Draw Lens (DRA & AUT;DRA) use new separate computations for very small diameter lenses (such as those in cell phones) that improve visualization of a lens layout.

CODE V Database Updates

  • Off-the-shelf Catalog Lens Database has a new interface that makes it easier to find and select a catalog lens.
  • New asphericon lens catalog and updated lens catalogs for Edmund Optics, Rochester Precision Optics, and Ross Optical.
  • New Nikon glass catalog and updated glass catalogs for CDGM, Hikari, NHG, Ohara, and Schott.
  • New catalog search order syntax lets you include a catalog identifier and a new CSO database item stores the catalog search order, which can be queried.
  • Updated Test Plate Database contains new and updated test plates that can be used in optimization.
  • The system temperature default has been changed to match the measurement temperature for Schott glass (22° C).


Macro-PLUS Enhancements

  • New Macro-PLUS command, Clear Command Window (CCW), clears all text currently displayed in the Command Window. The CCW command can be used in the command line and in macros.
  • User Tolerancing macros, TOLMONTE and TOLFDIF, allow you to tolerance on any performance metric that CODE V can compute. Several bug fixes and improvements were made for scenarios where you need to evaluate multiple performance metrics at once simultaneously.
  • A new supplied macro, THG_TO_GRIN.SEQ, converts all thermal gradient surfaces (THG) in the current lens into equivalent aspheric surfaces (ASP) and creates a URN gradient index glass for each element.
  • DNDTCALC macro has been updated to calculate absolute dn/dT values for any glass that has vendor-supplied dn/dT formula coefficients.
  • ILREVERS has been updated to provide support for systems with user-defined reference ray aiming commands (CRA/RRA, over field, wavelength, and all reference rays). It also now supports systems with a negative thickness preceding the image plane and will change the sign for BEN-type fold mirrors with ADE (alpha) tilts.
  • New SAGFIT2ZRN.SEQ replaces UDSFIT.SEQ. SAGFIT2ZRN converts a designated surface to a sixth-order Zernike polynomial surface (SPS ZRN) fitting user-specified sag data stored in a file. 

For More Information

For details about these and other updates in CODE V 11.1, see the release notes on our Customer Support Portal.

Software and License Key Instructions

Direct-Sales Customers

Software and license keys for CODE V direct-sales customers are available on the Synopsys SolvNet website.

Distributor Customers

For customers working with distributors, you will continue to obtain your software and license keys from your local CODE V software distributor. See the Synopsys Optical Solutions Group Global Contacts page for contact information. If your country is not listed on the Distributors page referenced above, please contact us at for instructions.

Register for Fall 2017 CODE V Training

Register for the Fall 2017 CODE V training sessions, which will be held in Pasadena and Mountain View locations in California. Visit our website and register today!


Synopsys Launches New Optical Solutions Web Pages

Synopsys Launches New Optical Solutions Web Pages

Visit our new web pages at

Synopsys’ Optical Solutions Group (OSG) announces the launch of our new web pages at This replaces our legacy URL at

The new OSG pages have a more modern look and feel to showcase our optical solutions, including CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape products, RSoft products and optical engineering services. The pages are also easier to view on mobile devices, since the content scales to your screen.

We will continue to add content and features to the pages as the latest OSG product news and enhancements become available.

Beginning August 25, 2017, visitors accessing will be automatically redirected to

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